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A Christian Association In Bangladesh
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History of mikrakbo

In 2012, George Chisim started a small, informal group together with some friends. He called the group Our Little Endeavour. The members did charitable works on their free time, visited the sick and helped those in need.

It was out of this group that Mikrakbo grew. George’s initiative was taken up by the Brothers of Taizé, with whom he was working at the time. It was linked to a stipend program and the activities were extended.

Many of these activities later developed into separate projects. The assistance to Christian prisoners was one of them, another was the Pilgrimage of the Disabled.

In 2020, George Chisim left Mikrakbo to work fulltime with the disabled. Since then, Ruma Thigidi is Coordinator of Mikrakbo. 

Many thanks to George Chisim for his initiative and leadership!